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Andrei Sora




Andrei is a UK-based producer, mixing engineer, and guitarist with over 2.5 million streams of his client productions. He creates, mixes, and masters music for a diverse cast of artists and clients. Andrei also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford and a PhD from the University of Surrey, both in music, experiences which have helped inform not only his music-making, but also his approach to research and teaching.


Ellie Wyatt
(BAFTA winning songwriter and arranger)

Andrei has been an absolute pleasure to work with and the results exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with what he did for the song and can’t wait for it to be released. He approached everything with great musicality and attention to detail and brought out the emotion and drama of the song beautifully. I highly recommend him! (and that is coming from someone who has worked with a LOT of producers and has very high standards).

Nuno Freitas
(singer and songwriter)

Andrei is probably one of the most patient people I have worked with. Very professional, approachable, and always willing to take feedback on board to ensure I was happy with the final mix. I highly recommend Andrei to anyone in need of a producer/engineer.

Pablo Iranzo
(songwriter and arranger)

The insecurities I have about certain songs of mine get all diminished to zero when I have the pleasure to work with Andrei. I keep finding myself thinking "How would I mix this properly?" and Andrei knocks it out of the park quickly and the result is epic. Just goes to show what a talent Andrei is and what great ears and artistic direction he has. Revisions aren't even necessary. Thank you for being patient on my slow work progress this time around and thank you so much for the help!


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