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I'm a one-stop shop solution for all of those voice notes on your phone that are just begging to be made into full songs.

Please enquire for rates.

Turn Table


If those voice notes lead to a finished song that now needs producing in order to be fully realized, I will develop the idea it into a Spotify-ready track. I'll take your sketch, be it in the form of a voice recording of you humming the song, vocal & guitar/piano arrangement, or general demo, and add the necessary production layers to make the song fit your vision and style.


If those voice notes have already led to a production that's just not hitting hard enough or lacks that final layer of polish, I can take the stems or multitracks and provide a clean, deep, and wide mix that will make your song fit perfectly on any Spotify-playlist.

Music Equipment
Music Equipment


If all of the above processes are done but you just need that extra power, sheen, low end boom, and volume, then I can take your mix and master it so it competes on the market, finding a place next to any contemporary song.


If you don't have access to recording equipment or a recording studio and need help with recording vocals and/or any other instruments (guitars, bass, strings, drums), I also offer audio engineering services.

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